Old Havana Timbalitos (Brass Bongos)

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Timbalitos or Brass Bongos are small timbales with diameters of 6″, 8″, or 10″, used to play the part of the bongos with sticks.  Papaíto and Manny Oquendo were masters at playing the bongó part on timbalitos. Timbalitos can be incorporated into expanded timbales set-ups, or drum kits.

Just like all of our raw brass snares, our Timbalitos are made from our patented raw Brass shells, lugs, and hardware and come with our new custom straight edge Remo heads.  Unike Traditional Timbalitos, ours also come with internal snare mechanisms, our new Brass Ring Hoops, and a L-arm bracket for mounting.

We hand cut, roll, weld, and sand our exclusive raw Brass shells and raw brass hoops, hand cut bearing edges, and treat Brass with our exclusive patina formula to jump start the aging process.  Then we add our patented raw brass center-mounted lugs, hardware, and finally Remo Ambassador heads.  

Each Timbaito is built to order.

Lead Time: 12 weeks