The A&F Drum Co. Featherweight Series is the Lightest series of drums we've ever made.  Snares and Rack Toms weigh 3.6-4.5lbs, Floor Toms 7-8.5 lbs and bass drums 10-14lbs!!!

In October of 2022, we introduced the BIGGEST BASS DRUM IN THE WORLD, Big Bertha II(9 feet 6 inches x 55 inches) which we made for the University of Texas in Austin.  We tested metals for 2 years and developed our own Proprietary approach at making super light drums with a natural Mother Nature patina, that meet our high sonic expectations. We used this metal and patina combo for Big Bertha II and now are offering it to all of you in our Featherweight series.

All Featherweight drums are made from our proprietary aluminum shells, hoops, lugs and hardware, that's right ALL ALUMINUM with Remo Ambassador heads and a natural Mother Nature patina! 

We hand cut, roll, weld, and sand our shells and hoops.  Then we expedite the aging process with our proprietary patina method, we hand cut bearing edges, then add our patented aluminum center-mounted lugs and hardware.  

The A&F Drum Co. Featherweight Series are the lightest drum currently in production!

We can make any size snare drum from 6”-108” diameter and 3”-48” depth. If you would like size beyond what is offered in the drop down menus, please contact us directly Ramy@Anfdrumco.com with your custom order.

Each Snare drum is built to order.
Lead Time: 20 weeks(longer on custom sizes as heads will need to be ordered to accommodate)