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ESPN | The story of Texas, Purdue and college football's long-running drum wars

ESPN covers the historical backdrop and motivation behind the collaboration between A&F Drum Co. and University of Texas to create Big Bertha II, the largest bass drum in the world!

A&F Drum Co. crafted Big Bertha II as a worthy successor to the iconic 100-year-old bass drum. Measuring an impressive 9.6 feet tall and 4.7 feet wide, Big Bertha II has officially surpassed all other bass drums, including Purdue's World's Largest Drum and Missouri's Big Mo. The launch of Big Bertha II marks a historic moment in the long-standing rivalry between Texas and Purdue, solidifying the University of Texas' claim as the home of the biggest bass drum in the world.

A&F Drum Co. takes great pride in its role as the manufacturer of this extraordinary musical instrument, which not only embodies the spirit of Texas but also represents the craftsmanship and innovation for which A&F Drum Co. is renowned. Our dedication to excellence and commitment to pushing the boundaries of drum manufacturing have resulted in the creation of Big Bertha II, an instrument that will leave a resounding impact on the world of music.

For more information about A&F Drum Co. and the creation of Big Bertha II, please visit BIG BERTHA II, The BIGGEST bass drum in the WORLD!

Modern Drummer | A Look Inside The Craftsmanship of the A&F Drum Co.

In the latest issue of Modern Drummer, A&F Drum Co. was featured in an article highlighting the unique approach we take in creating instruments that push the boundaries of sound and design.

The article delves into the rich history of A&F Drum Co., founded by musician and vintage drum enthusiast, Ramy Antoun. It explores how our vision of blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques has set us apart in the industry.

We are honored to be featured in Modern Drummer, a publication that has long been recognized as a trusted source and inspiration for drummers worldwide. The article is a testament to the passion, artisan curation, and historical merit that drive us at A&F Drum Co.

Interiors | A&F Drum Co. Beat Generation

Interiors, a premier residential design magazine, provides insight into how A&F Drum Co. is redefining interior design!

Beyond their musical appeal, A&F drums serve as conversation-starting art pieces within interior spaces. We aim to revive the concept of a "traditional music room," a dedicated space solely for music-making and creative inspiration. Founder, Ramy Antoun, and his wife emphasize the benefits of having instruments in the home, fostering connections among family and friends and encouraging creativity.

A&F Drum Co embodies the fusion of musical craftsmanship and interior design, elevating drums from mere instruments to captivating works of art that add character and soul to any living space.