6.5x14 ANKH Bell Bronze Snare (a A&F drum Co. and Sabian Collaboration)-SOLD OUT

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 This is the 6.5x14 Ankh Bell Bronze Snare($2895), the 2nd official Instrument creation from our collaboration with @Sabian

It’s 5mm B-20 Sabian Bronze direct from the Sabian foundry, hand hammered by Sabian’s finest, specially tempered in the Sabian ovens which is what caused the burn finish(that is NOT patina).  

Then sent to us here in Austin where we hand rolled, welded, drilled, edged, and cut beds on the shell; hand rolled, welded, and sanded the hoops; cut, lathed, tapped, tumbled lugs and tubes, and put it all together for this rare and beautiful 24 pound instrument.

So we started out with 25 sheets from the Sabian foundry, which only melts metal once a year.  We lost 6 of them in the trial and error process where together with Sabian we had to discover the proper way to heat and cool the metal so it wouldn’t crack, and now are left with only 19 of these beauties to offer.  Once they are gone they are gone, contact the following dealers for purchase info:

Drum Center Of Portsmouth

Marks Music


Zbären Sounds Switzerland


Rock Shop