Single Tension Drums


Old is new again!
Introduced hundreds of years ago, we decided to bring the Single Tension drum back and add a few A&F Mods to boot!
The A&F Drum Co. Single Tension drums are thin, light weight and Lug-less. Made with our exclusive raw brass shells, clear maple hoops, and single tension hardware these drums really sing in low-mid tunings.   
We cut, roll, weld and sand each drum, treat them with our patented oxidizing formula to jump start the patina process, and cut straight 45 Degree edges.
Rack Toms come in 3” and 6” depths and 10"-14” diameters
Floor Toms come in 4" and 8" depths and 13"-16" diameters
Kick Drums come in only 10” depths and 18"-26” diameters
Since these are all lug-less drums, we save on material and labor cost. We then get to transfer the savings to you, our awesome customers!!!
Lead time on A&F Single Tension drums are 12 weeks!