ANKH-Sabian/A&F Collaboration Hi Hats

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FIRST TIME brass is tempered, formed, circled, and hand hammered into cymbals.

FIRST TIME a Cymbal company and a Drum company collaborate on Cymbals.

FIRST TIME 2 companies in our industry introduce a series of instruments together under a new brand.

We are excited to introduce for the first time ever, a full line of instruments designed and created by SABIAN and A&F Drum Co. called the ANKH!

Our first offering in the ANKH Instrument Series is a limited series of Brass(14”&16”). Hi Hat creations, exclusively curated and designed by SABIAN and A&F Drum Co., for YOU!!!

-ANKH Brass Hats-

Designed by our very own Ramy Antoun and SABIAN's legendary Mark Love. The first ever of their kind, Ankh brass hats have HUGE BELLS, are tempered, formed, circled to size, and hand hammered to shape at the sabian factory in Meductic, Canada. Sold ala cart so you can mix and match between MEDIUM and THIN thicknesses.

-ANKH Bronze B20 Hats-

Also designed Ramy and Mark and also with HUGE BELLS. We started with Sabian's exclusive B20 bronze casting, heated, cupped, circled to size and hand hammered to shape at the sabian factory in Meductic, Canada


The ANKH series Hi Hats are limited to a production of 75 total pairs per month, due to the amount of time, care, mastery, and effort it takes to make these instruments.  Compared to the 10k plus HH sold globally per month , that’s a tiny number of HH lol!!!

-ANKH Pricing-

14” Brass Thin Single Hat...$299.50

14” Brass Med Single Hat...$299.50 

16” Brass Thin Single Hat...$349.50 

16” Brass Med Single Hat...$349.50