Nickel Hoop Mounted Clamp and L-Arm

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“Beautiful, efficient ... so classy. Very easy and quick to install, everything is there. I love the design and the practicality so much, it's perfect." -Mogan Cornebert

"@anfdrumco absolutely knocked it out of the park with their nickel hardware. It’s as sturdy as it is stylish, and it’s got style for days.” -Nick Lang 

“Beauty again and again!!” -@pieroperelli_drums

We've designed our own Hoop Mounted clamp that can be used for china tom mount, cow bell, Kick-Bone, Kick-Lift, Cymbal, HH, basically anything with a rod mounting system!  It's made out of Raw Steel and its Nickel Plated like the beautiful hardware and accessories of old.

Our first batch of hardware & accessories was supposed to ship March 20th, but unfortunately covid pushed that back to July 28th.