Chandler Blue

Introducing the A&F Drum Co. Chandler Blue Series!

The Inspiration: “My family and I were blessed to go on a long awaited European vacation last summer. While walking along the marina in Monte Carlo, we saw rows and rows of beautiful boats.  One in particular caught our eye. Made of Teak wood with details of painted deep blue, this boat was stunning.  We noted each interior gauge framed in raw brass cylinders, the seats and dash wrapped in beautiful Italian leather, and the rosewood steering wheel at the helm.  The boat was made by the 178 year old Italian yacht company ‘Riva,’ and I couldn’t help but be inspired to translate these details into a drum series.” 

The Drums: “Designing these drums proved to be a challenge with a dozen failed attempts over many months. We worked meticulously, trying again and aging to create that very special blue. We searched the globe for Teak veneers flexible enough to sit firmly in our shells. It was a decision we almost abandoned, as Teak happens to be a difficult wood to shape and very expensive. But we persisted, and although it came at a higher cost then expected, we figured out a formula to make it work: 7-ply shell, 5-Teak and 2-Maple lending not only to look, but also a warm and focused tone. To complete the design, we added Teak hoops.  In the end, we believe our hard work paid off and couldn’t be happier with where we landed.“

The Lugs/Hardware: “Using our patented lugs to resemble the detail of the Riva gauges, we decided to not treat the brass, but leave it in its tumbled pre-patina state.”

The Name: “Forty years ago, my wife’s grandfather began the summer tradition of sailing to Catalina Island with his three daughters, and as the family grew, with their spouses, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  During these trips, he taught each of them the disciplines of sailing and imparted his knowledge of the sea and love for the ocean.  While designing this drum, we recalled memories of these trips; the salty air, the starry nights, the sun glistening on the water, and all the colors of our memories.  It only felt appropriate that this nautically inspired drum be called the Chandler to honor our sailing patriarch.”

The Sound: “The Chandler Series has a warm and focused tone with a quick delay making it an excellent choice for recordings and low volume settings.  We cut the edges just like all of our kits, with no inside edge and a slight round over the outer edge.“

 - Ramy Antoun, Founder President A&F Drum Co.