The Jonesy (A&F Drum Throne Top)

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Introducing "The Jonesy"!!!

The Jonesy Tan-Stripe Tufted in Tan Italian Saddle Leather (inspired by the old Triumph motorcycle seat).

The Jonesy Brown-Diamond Tufted Brown Italian Saddle Leather (inspired by the old Harley Indian motorcycle seat).

Our first-ever A&F Drum Co. throne is named after Josh Jones, one of our A&F Owners. Shortly after our company launch in May 2016, Josh started urging Ramy to design a throne seat that captured everything we have come to love and champion as a company: 100 years of soul in a modern design. Well, it took us only 5 years to get here πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, but we couldn't be happier with the results! It would only be fitting that Josh's last name would title the thrones, hence "The Jonesy"!


  • Handmade with Italian Saddle Leather and reinforced with heavy-duty thread stitching.
  • Four Italian Leather sides meticulously stitched with the logo embossed on each side.
  • A solid piece of High-Density Cooling Tempurpedic Foam, very breathable with extra rebound to retain The Jonesy's shape.
  • Solid 1” Teakwood Base carved from a single piece of Teak for solid support & durability.
  • 16oz. Waxed Canvas added to the Teakwood base with dual-stitched crosshair for center plate mounting.

Comes with 4 wood screws & washers to attach your preferred throne plate and base. That way, you can use the base/plate mechanism that you love: hydraulic or standard, short or tall, tri-pod or quad, The Jonesy will mount to any and all of them! Just detach the baseplate from your current throne (usually means unscrewing 4-8 bolts); place the baseplate on The Jonesy centered to the X cross stitching; use the 4 wood screws we supply to affix the baseplate to your Jonesy; throw it on the base, and you’re ready to go!