Featherweight Rack Tom

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All Featherweight Rack Toms are made from our proprietary aluminum shells, hoops, lugs and hardware, that's right ALL ALUMINUM with Remo Ambassador heads and a natural Mother Nature patina! 

We hand cut, roll, weld, and sand our shells and hoops.  Then we expedite the aging process with our proprietary patina method, we hand cut 45 deg bearing edges, add our patented aluminum center-mounted lugs and hardware.  

These RackToms weigh ONLY 3.6-4.5 lbs.!!!

We can make any size Rack Tom from 6”-108” diameter and 3”-48” depth. If you would like size beyond what is available in the drop down, please contact us directly with your custom order.

We do offer our A&F Rack Tom Mount as well.

The Featherweight Kits are dryer than our standard metal kits, not loud by any means but tune lower than their sizes and have a perfect balance between punch, warmth, and attack.  Like ALL our drums, a sound engineers dream, they are extremely microphone friendly! 

Each Rack drum is built to order.
Lead Time: 16 weeks (20" or larger may take longer as custom heads will need to be ordered).