Deco Gold Maple Club Bass Drum

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Introducing our Deco Gold Maple Club Bass Drum!  

This color has been in the A&F Drum Co. family from the beginning, first as the gold in our logo, second as the gold stripe on the Maple Gunshot Snare hoops, and now as a official Maple finish!

Much like our drums, the color is inspired by the 1930's Art Deco era and involves a very specific combination of paints and metallic specs which make it the vibrant and subtle gold sparkle that it is.  

Our Deco Gold Maple Club Rack Tom is made with our exclusive thin 7-ply Maple/Poplar shells, no re-rings or inside edge, our outside reverse baseball bat edge, our exclusive Nickel Over Brass OR Raw Brass patented Hardware and clear maple hoops w/matching Deco Gold pinstripe.  These Bass Drums have a incredible low end thud, defined attack, wide dynamic tuning range, AND are extremely microphone friendly!   Also offered with T-rod Upgrades!

Lead Time: 20 weeks