A&F Drum Co. Low Boy Hi Hat Stand & Clutch

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At A&F Drum Co., we look back to move forward!  This is our version of the Low Boy Hi Hat Stand from the early 1900’s.  Play it on its own as your main hi hat  stand below side Snares, Toks,, pretty much anything you want to mount above it OR as a second aux hi hat stand with added effects sounds!  Sky’s the limit, create, innovate and play what u love!!!

A&F Drum Co. Low Boy Hi Hat Stand & HH Clutch(Patents Pending). 

 - Nickel Over Carbon Steel

- Thick ridged rubber bottom and dual side adjustable          spurs for no slide grip 

- 360 U-Clamp for height adjustment 

 - Small profile HH Clutch(Patent Pending) w/Red Felt

 - no legs for easy placement next to any foot space

 - Spring Adjustable large chain tension  

 - Red Felts 

 - One-piece solid carbon steel foot plate(Patent Pending)

 - Weighs 5.5 lbs