A&F Drum Co. Foldable Hi Hat Stand & Clutch

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"The new refined @anfhardware nickel hardware by @anfdrumco perfectly marries the simple design of old with modern engineering and stability of new.” -@chicago_drum_exchange 

"I love the design and the practicality so much, it's perfect. Set up my drums with this wonderful hardware is a huge pleasure. Bravo brothers!" -

Mogan Cornebert

It’s love from first sight and you’ve managed to bring once again something that speaks music in the most beautiful way there is and I'm so grateful" -Dan Mayo


A&F Drum Co. Folding Hi Hat Stand & HH Clutch(Patents Pending). 

 - Nickel Over Carbon Steel

 - Small profile HH Clutch(Patent Pending) w/Red Felt

 - Fully rotating base for additional kick pedal placement 

 - FOLDING!!! (Patent Pending)

 - 360 U Clamp

 - Spring Adjustable chain tension  

 - Red Felts 

 - Adjustable 1.5” rubber feet

 - Interchangeable thin memory lock 

 - One-piece solid carbon steel foot plate(Patent Pending)

 - Weighs 8.5 lbs 

It’s been one heck of a journey but we are indeed in the final stretch hoping for stands to be ready to ship by June 29th.

I can list the slew of uncontrollable hurdles we’ve had to face alongside all manufacturers in the US but that would take the better half of your evening.
All that to say we wish we could have known and controlled all of it, but unfortunately that was a bit humanly impossible.

Hope this at least helps and gives you the same gleam of hope we are all clinging to LOL

~Ramy Antoun (A&F Drum Co., President/Founder)