A&F Drum Co. Foldable Hi Hat Stand & Clutch

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"The new refined @anfhardware nickel hardware by @anfdrumco perfectly marries the simple design of old with modern engineering and stability of new.” -@chicago_drum_exchange 

"I love the design and the practicality so much, it's perfect. Set up my drums with this wonderful hardware is a huge pleasure. Bravo brothers!" -

Mogan Cornebert

It’s love from first sight and you’ve managed to bring once again something that speaks music in the most beautiful way there is and I'm so grateful" -Dan Mayo

A&F Drum Co. Folding Hi Hat Stand & HH Clutch(Patents Pending). 

 - Nickel Over Carbon Steel

 - Small profile HH Clutch(Patent Pending) w/Red Felt

 - Fully rotating base for additional kick pedal placement 

 - FOLDING!!! (Patent Pending)

 - 360 U Clamp

 - Spring Adjustable chain tension  

 - Red Felts 

 - Adjustable 1.5” rubber feet

 (Please note, next batch anticipated March 2022)

- Interchangeable thin memory lock 

 - One-piece solid carbon steel foot plate(Patent Pending)

 - Weighs 8.5 lbs