Nickel Cymbal Stands

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"ROCK SOLID, exceedingly functional, and totally classy.  These self-leveling feet are brilliant." -Drum Center of Portsmouth

"Red felts dampen the cymbals just enough. They ring a little clearer as well and my snare sounds better!!
Wow. These things are awesome! Much applause.” -Eric Swanson

"I’ve noticed that my kit sounds better, drums and cymbals has healthy sustain with a healthy decay that ends so natural, it feels like the stands are going with the drums and not against them, my energy is going through like butter, and cymbals has a darker and sweeter tone." -Dan Mayo

Nickel over carbon steel

Weighs 5.71lbs

Red wool felts

360deg U clamps

Pull-pin multi position tripod

1.5” Round surface-adjusting feet

Replaceable tension washers

With the intention of making stands that much like our drums, marries the simple design of old with the engineering and application of the future, we spent 2 years studying over 100 vintage stands.

We worked diligently to refine the elements we really loved of these old stands while completely redesigning those that just didn’t hold up.

Why Nickel vs. raw brass on all of this?

Nickel was what the finish on all the hardware from early 1900’s and over time takes on this beautiful aged tarnished much like the vintage hardware you see today.  Brass is too soft of a metal to sustain the wear and tear of hardware and raw brass would offer too much friction between sliding components.

It’s with such great joy that this labour of love resulted in what you see here today.  Yes we are reinventing some wheels, and trying to perfect others, lol!

Hope you enjoy the stands and find many additional applications that inspire your creativity!!!

if stands are not in inventory please allow up to 4 weeks for us to make and ship your stand.