Ankh Hand Hammered Bronze Snare Drums(A&F Drum Co. & Sabian Collaboration)

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All Ankh Snare Drums are just under 2mm thick, hand made from our exclusive raw Bronze shells, hand hammered by Sabian’s finest, fitted with our handmade Raw Brass Hoops, center mounted patented Lugs, treated hardware, & finished with Remo Ambassador heads.

We cut sheets of our exclusive Bronze and send them to Sabian to hand hammer.  Then they send the sheets back to us and we hand roll, weld and sand them, treat them with our patented aging formula to jump start the patina process, cut straight 45 Degree edges and our exclusive snare beds all by hand.  

Bronze is by far the most expensive of the metals we offer, but not without merit.  These shells are extremely refined in tone and dynamics, the "Rolls Royce" of the metal family if you will!  They tune lower then their size balanced with perfect punch, warmth, exceptional snare response AND are extremely microphone friendly! 

Made to Order
Lead Time: 18 weeks